polygraphic machines


AGFA AccuSet 1000 plus 
CTF ( imagesetter ) with computer RIP
Model: AccuSet 1000 plus
Page Width: 12 inches, 13.3 inches, 14 inches
Line Screen: 175 lpi
Maximum Imaging Speed:
600 dpi: 30 inches/minute
1,200 dpi: 15 inches/minute
1,800 dpi: 10 inches/minute
2,400 dpi: 7.5 inches/minute
3,000 dpi: 5 inches/minute
Imaging System: Visible red laser diode/Single-facet prism
Output Media: Output media RLD-sensitive film, Polyester plate material, RC paper
Spot Size:
7.5 microns @ 3,600 dpi
10 microns @ 2,400 dpi
15 microns @ 1,800 dpi
20 microns @ 1,200 dpi
Repeatability: ±1 mil
Take Up Capacity: 45 foot
Electrical Requirements: 115V/8A/50-60Hz
delivery : immediately ready to transport                    
computer RIP - procesor Pentium 486 (PostScript)
Price of the machine : 1150EUR
AGFA Rapid 694 D 
film developing machine ( for CTF )
Price of the machine : 550EUR  

Technical descriptions :
Electrical Requirements: 208-240V/50-60Hz/Single Phase
Processor Racks: Processed materials are transported through four separate racks: developer, fixer, washer and dryer. Process time, temperature, replenishment quantity, and solution levels are monitored and controlled by the microprocessor to provide optimum results.
Processing Time:
Development Time Range: 10 to 60 seconds, adjustable
Transport Speed Range: 67.3" - 11.2" per minute
Overall Processing Time: Dry-to-dry processing time of 90 seconds at 20-second development time.
Material Transport Lengths:
Developer Rack: 11.2" (28.5 cm)
Fixer Rack: 11.2" (28.5 cm)
Wash Rack: 11.2" (28.5 cm)
Dryer Rack: 15" (38.0 cm)
Material Specifications:
Width: 2.75" (7 cm) min. to 17" (43 cm) maximum
Length: 4.3" (11 cm) minimum
Plumbing Requirements:
Water Supply Connection: 3/4" Garden hose fitting
Water Supply Pressure: 4.5 psi to 75 psi
Water Supply Temperature: Not less than 15°F. below fixer temperature
Water Consumption: 0 to 1.3 gpm during operation
Drainage: Floor drain, 12" maximum height from floor, capable of 10 gpm (40 lpm) maximum
Drain Connection: 1" ID hose fitting.
Tank Capacities:
Developer: 3.2 gal. (11 l.)
Fixer: 2.9 gal. (11 l.)
Water: 2.6 gal. (10 l.)
Process Temperatures:
Developer: 73 to 110°F (23 to 43°C) adjustable
Fixer: 73 to 110°F (23 to 43°C) adjustable
Dryer: 86 to 140°F (30 to 60°C) adjustable
Cassette Box Dimensions: (Height x Width x Depth): 13" (33 cm.) x 16" (41 cm.) x 7-3/8" (19 cm.)

Polygraph COPYTOP  ( copyframe )
Price of the machine : 350EUR 
Producer : Polygraph , Germany
group : programmble prepress equipment with metal halogenid light (lamp)
format-size : 49x69  cm
condition of the machine : very good - low used, machine is working
delivery : immediately ready to transport from our stock                    

Technical description : 
The COPYTOP contact exposure unit is justly named as the 2Kw light is located in the "top" of this unit.
This COPYTOP exposure unit is loaded with sound technical features such as; Computer-control electronics,
rotating lamp shutter, automatic foil device (optional), oil free vacuum pump and programmable 3-step lamp
with electronic igniter. The solid steel construction partnered with many innovative features will ensure
reliable and consistent plate exposure results. 
The COPYTOP is primarily used for exposure of offset printing plates and pad printing clichés.
The COPYTOP is long-lived and easy to service and handle. The knock-down design allows the device
to be passed even through small doors. 

OVIT - plate developing machine
Price of the machine : 450EUR 
Plate processor for offset plate (conventional)
Producer : OVITY , Italy
Very robust plate processor for average to high productions (60.000
sqm/year) • Stainless steel inner parts and worm screw • Easy
maintenance • Automatic developer fill • Developer temperature
control through heating element and cooling device • Automatic
replenishment • Antiox for stand-by replenishment • Programmable
switch-on/off (optional) • Conductivity meter (optional) • Plate rinsing
even with closed circuit recycler (optional) that allows a water saving
of 95% • Brush in the washing section • Second automatic inlet •
Perfect drying of both sides of the plate • Control panel to programme
all functions • Low level alarm for 3 outer cans (optional)